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Embark on Your American Adventure in Style, and Drive Your Ambitions!


At International AutoSource, we partner with leading automobile manufacturers to offer personalized transportation solutions for international students. Leveraging our industry expertise, we've made thousands of relocation journeys smoother with seamless service, unparalleled value, and dedicated support.

This robust resource has now been combined with Shorelight's professional international education services to offer a streamlined integration of top-tier car purchasing and rental solutions with exceptional educational guidance. We will ensure that your transition to life in the U.S. is smooth, supported, and stress-free, allowing you to focus on what truly matters—your education and experience abroad. Welcome to a world where convenience meets excellence, tailored just for you.

Order from Home, Drive with Confidence at School. Your Journey Starts Here!

School Duration & Solution

Less than 1 year


  • Drive flexibly, no commitment

  • Over 7,000+ locations nationwide

  • Competitive rates with insurance

  • No Young driver’s fee ($900+/month)

  • Min. age req’: 21 years old

2 - 3 Years


  • Pay for use and mileage only

  • Option to extend or buy at lease end

  • Lowest upfront cost for a new vehicle

  • Low monthly cost with flexible terms

  • No U.S. credit or income required

Over 3 Years


  • Build equity with every payment

  • Best solution for long term stay

  • Low total cost of ownership

  • Low interest rate for students

  • No U.S. credit or income required

Example            Taos $30K


* Case based on a 12K miles per year lease term.

The Student Lease Program is available for Volkswagen and Audi ONLY.

Example Taos $30K (1).png

Contact us

Submission Successful! We are dedicated to providing exceptional cross-border car buying services. There might be a slight time difference with our sales team, but we will contact you as soon as possible!

Streamlined Process

Before Arrival


Contact IAS for your mobility solution.


Small deposit to secure your vehicle.

Arrival in the USA


Submit documents and pay the balance.


Pick up your new car!

Meet the Team

Each IAS member boasts extensive and rich experience in the United States, spanning academics, lifestyle, and professional realms. We are primed to provide you with the most effective and insightful consultations for navigating your American journey.

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